The Christmas Festival 2017

Christmas in Rock River was a resounding success, Our toy drive resulted in every child that was present in the square receiving a gift. Our thanks to all who donated to make this a memorable occasion. 

Grand market night saw a mixing and mingling of folks who had not ventured out for Grandmarket in years, everyone enjoying the festive season and commending the effort to make the community a lively affair for not only themselves but for vendors shopkeepers and revelors. 

We also cooked and fed over 200 people on Christmas Day, again thanks to all our volunteers who made this possible. Donations are needed though for all our projects so please help us to help the community.




The Rock River Foundation Essay Writing Competition 2017

The Rock River Foundation launched its first essay writing competition this year. The idea was the brainchild of Foundation member, Mr Leighton Martin. He was also instrumental in securing the prizes. The competition was administered by Mrs Maureen Mcleod Standen who wishes to thank the staff at the primary school for their support.


If you had the opportunity to bring to your home town/ village any person(real or imaginary, living or dead)

  • Write about who you would bring and why
  • What would you tell them?

The competition was open to all Grade 6 students at Rock River All Age School.

GUIDELINES sent to the school beforehand were:

  • The essay is to be written during the summer holidays on Tuesday July 18, at 2 pm.
  • The essay topic will be revealed to participants on the day of the competition.
  • Competitors will have 15 minutes to think about what to write, and 45 minutes to write it.
  • The essay should not be more than 250 words.
  • The best three entries will be awarded a prize.

The winners were announced and prizes issued at the Rock River Foundation event (Children's party and Football match) on Sunday July 30, at the school.


There were four entries. The essays were all original and showed creativity. What set them apart was how well some students expressed themselves - the language they used and how smoothly the writing flowed. It was felt that all four students wrote essays which were worthy of recognition. The decision was therefore made to give a surprise consolation prize for fourth place. Congratulations and well done to all participants!


First place               Waval Davis - Laptop + case

Second place         Miguel McKenzie - JA $15,000

Thirdplace             Juzel Mitchell - JA $10,000

Fourth place           Athilia Pryce- JA $  5,000

Click here to see the First Page of the winning essay from Waval

Click here to see the Second Page of the winning essay from Waval

Click here to see the the essay from Miguel

Click here to see the essay from Juzel

Click here to see the essay from Athilia










October 2017 Newsletter

I am delighted to attach our latest newsletter – Number 6

As you can see the Rock River Foundation is privileged to be making a difference as we build upon and support the hard work of the teachers, pupils, and staff of the Rock River School plus the citizens of Rock River itself.

To those who have supported us in the past and the present; we thank you sincerely and deeply.

For those who will join and support our team in the future; welcome.

Spread the word and pass this on this others. Please copy me in so that I can add those people to our mailing list – they can get their own copy next time



Thanks to The People of Japan and The Japanese Embassy In Jamaica

We are more than pleased to announce that we have received a very generous gift from The People of Japan and The Japanese Embassy in Kingston, Jamaica of funds to build the Learning Center and Computer Lab that we have toiled for years to raise funds to build. This is a dream come true for not only The School but for the entire Community of Rock River. We must extend our gratitude to our benefactors and say a million thank you for your help, the Community of Rock River will forever be in your debt.

The work though is not yet done as we need every hand in the community to help to make this dream a reality, we need volunteers to help in all area of building and furnishing this Learning Center and remember that this is yours Rock River, so help in whatever way you can whether it is donating a computer or giving your labor in the building process. We are looking forward to completing this in a very short time.    

Download our Fundraiser Pack

Download the RRF Fundraising pack. It contains all you need to know about fundraising for the Rock River All-Age school:

1.     About the Foundation and why we need your help

2.     Where your Fundraising money will go

3.     How we will say thank you

4.     Some fundraising ideas to get you started

5.     How we can help you

6.     Some fundraising hints and tips

7.     The Practical Bit – donating the funds you have raised

click here to download

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Some Updates ...............

Plans are now underway for our next fundraiser for 2016. In the works are a Fund Raising Party to be held in Florida, (tentatively in Fort Lauderdale, the venue is not ascertained as yet) on July 23rd. to be followed by a games night and a Walk-a-ton in Rock River Jamaica on July 30 - 31st. Also in the works is a Beach party in Ocho Rios on August 1st 2016. Check where you can support us and join in the fun.         

Studying on an empty stomach is never easy.  Our very successful Breakfast Club removes that by giving students a nutritious breakfast. But funds are low so help us in our drive, help the students to get a great start to their days.  We want to raise US 5,000 for this school year so plasae help us in nay way you can.

We also have many other Fundraising ideas and plans so keep up-to-date by checking us out on Facebook. 

Lastly, we have been working on our Website and added some new features. As well as this blog, we have improved the ways that our supporter can make donations and updated the photos. Ask people you know to check us out on:


The following is an excerpt from the upcoming book about Rock River by Claude D’Aguilar, son of Rock River and RRF Board of Directors members.

Toll De Bell Man, Toll De Bell


Duppyman had gotten his name because he was one of the rare breed in Rock River, who was not afraid of ghosts, he walked the streets so late at night that he was like the ghosts themselves. He was not really a member of the Mount Zion Baptist Church but living close to the church, he volunteered to ring the church bell for services and to toll the bell whenever anyone died in the district. He now lived alone, because his wife had died a long time before and his children were grown and had moved on.

As he got older, he got shakier, so Maas Ernest, a church member who lived close by was asked to help with the bell whenever Duppyman was unable to go. One Saturday night, a few boys, with very little to do, were on their way home from a party, when they decided to cause a little trouble so they set off down the road shouting at the top of their lungs,

“Duppyman dead oh, Duppyman dead, Duppyman dead oh Duppyman dead!”

This they repeated all along the road until they got home. Almost everyone living close to the road heard this and believed, including Maas Earnest. The only person who did not hear may have been Duppyman, who was sound asleep when all this was going on.

Sunday morning early, Maas Earnest after hearing the news overnight, decided to toll the bell for Duppyman. It was still dark when he got to the church. On reaching there, he headed for the bell tower only to see somebody a little ahead of him emerging from the dark headed for the same bell tower. The person got to the bell before him and as Maas Earnest got there, he was caught by surprise. He stood there wide eyed, tongue tied and transfixed to the spot at what he saw, right there before him the dead 'Duppyman' was about to ring the church bell, as the “ghost” raised his hands, grabbed hold of the rope and pulled, Maas Ernest did not hear the sound of the bell. He fainted.

A week kneed Maas Earnest just crumpled on the spot at the sight of what he thought was the ghost of Duppyman coming back to do his duty. Poor Maas Earnest had to be revived with the help of some smelling salt and Bayrum from a neighbor’s house. Needless to say, he was not amused when he realized that it was all a hoax and Duppyman was still alive. 


Wow, must say welcome to everyone from Rock River and the wider community at large to our website and to exciting times ahead. This is the continuing effort of dedicated members of the Rock River Foundation an organization geared towards helping the Rock River community starting with the school. The foundation embodies people (not only from Rock River) who have volunteered their time and resources to try to fill some of the glaring needs of the community. We hope we can inspire others to help us to help the community by supporting our projects and fundraising ventures. You can do this by donating cash or kind or by volunteering, whatever you can do to help will be greatly appreciated. 

Our Next event will be our fund raising party in Florida on Saturday July 23rd, 2016. To be followed by a weekend of fun in Rock River Jamaica. Our Games Night and Walk-a-ton. A summer camp will be held in Rock River at the school for the children of the community and we do need volunteers for this event. The date tentatively for the summer camp is July 18th to July 29th.  

We also need fund to help with the breakfast program for the needy children of the school and donations are being accepted for this.


Again I must reiterate that this is a charity organization and 100% of the funds we raise outside of expenses, will go towards helping our Community of Rock River. Hoping you will feel the need to help and also to encourage others to do so in any way that they can.


Feel free to contact us, we welcome your views and we look forward to your support. Please visit this site regularly and often as we will use this to keep you updated on events and community news.


Must express my gratitude and extend my sincere appreciation to all the members of this organization especially those who are not directly from Rock River for their dedicated and tireless work to help. Here’s to hoping we can inspire others to join us.