Wow, must say welcome to everyone from Rock River and the wider community at large to our website and to exciting times ahead. This is the continuing effort of dedicated members of the Rock River Foundation an organization geared towards helping the Rock River community starting with the school. The foundation embodies people (not only from Rock River) who have volunteered their time and resources to try to fill some of the glaring needs of the community. We hope we can inspire others to help us to help the community by supporting our projects and fundraising ventures. You can do this by donating cash or kind or by volunteering, whatever you can do to help will be greatly appreciated. 

Our Next event will be our fund raising party in Florida on Saturday July 23rd, 2016. To be followed by a weekend of fun in Rock River Jamaica. Our Games Night and Walk-a-ton. A summer camp will be held in Rock River at the school for the children of the community and we do need volunteers for this event. The date tentatively for the summer camp is July 18th to July 29th.  

We also need fund to help with the breakfast program for the needy children of the school and donations are being accepted for this.


Again I must reiterate that this is a charity organization and 100% of the funds we raise outside of expenses, will go towards helping our Community of Rock River. Hoping you will feel the need to help and also to encourage others to do so in any way that they can.


Feel free to contact us, we welcome your views and we look forward to your support. Please visit this site regularly and often as we will use this to keep you updated on events and community news.


Must express my gratitude and extend my sincere appreciation to all the members of this organization especially those who are not directly from Rock River for their dedicated and tireless work to help. Here’s to hoping we can inspire others to join us.