Some Updates ...............

Plans are now underway for our next fundraiser for 2016. In the works are a Fund Raising Party to be held in Florida, (tentatively in Fort Lauderdale, the venue is not ascertained as yet) on July 23rd. to be followed by a games night and a Walk-a-ton in Rock River Jamaica on July 30 - 31st. Also in the works is a Beach party in Ocho Rios on August 1st 2016. Check where you can support us and join in the fun.         

Studying on an empty stomach is never easy.  Our very successful Breakfast Club removes that by giving students a nutritious breakfast. But funds are low so help us in our drive, help the students to get a great start to their days.  We want to raise US 5,000 for this school year so plasae help us in nay way you can.

We also have many other Fundraising ideas and plans so keep up-to-date by checking us out on Facebook. 

Lastly, we have been working on our Website and added some new features. As well as this blog, we have improved the ways that our supporter can make donations and updated the photos. Ask people you know to check us out on: