Thanks to The People of Japan and The Japanese Embassy In Jamaica

We are more than pleased to announce that we have received a very generous gift from The People of Japan and The Japanese Embassy in Kingston, Jamaica of funds to build the Learning Center and Computer Lab that we have toiled for years to raise funds to build. This is a dream come true for not only The School but for the entire Community of Rock River. We must extend our gratitude to our benefactors and say a million thank you for your help, the Community of Rock River will forever be in your debt.

The work though is not yet done as we need every hand in the community to help to make this dream a reality, we need volunteers to help in all area of building and furnishing this Learning Center and remember that this is yours Rock River, so help in whatever way you can whether it is donating a computer or giving your labor in the building process. We are looking forward to completing this in a very short time.