The Rock River Foundation Essay Writing Competition 2017

The Rock River Foundation launched its first essay writing competition this year. The idea was the brainchild of Foundation member, Mr Leighton Martin. He was also instrumental in securing the prizes. The competition was administered by Mrs Maureen Mcleod Standen who wishes to thank the staff at the primary school for their support.


If you had the opportunity to bring to your home town/ village any person(real or imaginary, living or dead)

  • Write about who you would bring and why
  • What would you tell them?

The competition was open to all Grade 6 students at Rock River All Age School.

GUIDELINES sent to the school beforehand were:

  • The essay is to be written during the summer holidays on Tuesday July 18, at 2 pm.
  • The essay topic will be revealed to participants on the day of the competition.
  • Competitors will have 15 minutes to think about what to write, and 45 minutes to write it.
  • The essay should not be more than 250 words.
  • The best three entries will be awarded a prize.

The winners were announced and prizes issued at the Rock River Foundation event (Children's party and Football match) on Sunday July 30, at the school.


There were four entries. The essays were all original and showed creativity. What set them apart was how well some students expressed themselves - the language they used and how smoothly the writing flowed. It was felt that all four students wrote essays which were worthy of recognition. The decision was therefore made to give a surprise consolation prize for fourth place. Congratulations and well done to all participants!


First place               Waval Davis - Laptop + case

Second place         Miguel McKenzie - JA $15,000

Thirdplace             Juzel Mitchell - JA $10,000

Fourth place           Athilia Pryce- JA $  5,000

Click here to see the First Page of the winning essay from Waval

Click here to see the Second Page of the winning essay from Waval

Click here to see the the essay from Miguel

Click here to see the essay from Juzel

Click here to see the essay from Athilia