Currently practicing emergency medicine in Georgia, US. He is board certified in General Surgery. Dr. McLeod attended Rock River Primary School for his elementary education, then Clarendon College High School in Jamaica.

Later educated in the US, Dr. McLeod obtained BSc. and M.D. degrees at Howard University in Washington D.C. He completed his residency training in General Surgery at Harlem Hospital in 1990. Dr. McLeod was an original member of the department of General Surgery at Morehouse School of Medicine in 1990 and served as assistant Professor of Surgery at Morehouse School of Medicine from 1992 to 1997. Dr. McLeod is a founding member and former president of the Clarendon College Alumni Association, Atlanta chapter.


Born in Rock River, Claud spent his early years at Rock River All Age School. Claud has been a life long community advocate, since his days at Clarendon College. He was a past President of the youth organization before he migrated to the US. A real estate broker he now lives in Boston. Claud earned a Bs. in International Business and is a member of various charitable organizations.


Devon M. Louden is a son of Rock River's soil, he developed a love for and a belief in the power of education.  A former president of the Rock River Youth Club he also taught at Mitchell's Hill and Rock River Primary Schools, Clarendon College, Kingston Technical, The Priory; High Schools and GC Foster Sports College.

Devon is graduate of Mico Teacher's College, The University Of Leeds & The University Of Leicester, from which he earned a Masters Degree in Educational Studies.  Devon has spent most of the last 20 years working in the financial industry in mortgage servicing.  He is currently a senior underwriter with The North Carolina Housing Finance Agency. A lover of sports, he still plays competitive soccer.


With an Honours degree in Aeronautical Engineering, Jim started in the UK Aircraft industry. As that industry faded, Jim moved on to teaching in London, Sierra Leone and Jamaica (Clarendon College and Titchfield High).

In the early eighties, Jim moved to the Cayman Islands, where after another teaching post, he became the Quality Manager for Cable and Wireless. Promoted to a regional post, Jim oversaw quality in 22 countries from Bermuda to the Falkland Islands.  

As an independent consultant, trainer and facilitator since 2000 Jim supports a wide variety of organisations in quality management and strategic implementation.

Recent projects include supporting quality assurance directors in Iraq and Kurdistan, delivering training to number of organisations including the Tanzanian Airport.


Leighton Martin has worked extensively in the hospitality industry for over 26 years.  Leighton started as a front line employee and worked his way to district manager.  An entrepreneur at heart, Leighton has operated several different businesses. He currently works for The Children's Aid Society in Toronto and operates a small auto parts business. Leighton resides in Brampton Ontario.


Rosetta Taylor was born in the Lime Hall district. She is a vibrant past student of the Rock River All Age School. She is the biological mother of three boys and a mother to many others. Rosie, as she is know by most people, believes in the motto “Service Above Self” and this can be seen in the many roles that she has taken on in the community. She is the former manager of the Rock River football and netball teams and currently hold many titles such as:
-     Board Member, Rock River All age school
-     PRO for the Rock River Foundation
-     Secretary, Rock River Senior Citizens Club
-     Vice President, RADA/ JAS Rock River Chapter
-     Vice President, Rock River Development Committee (SDC)

-     President, Bethlehem Baptist Woman’s Federation
Rosie also holds a certificate in the USAID and Ministry of Education School Community Outreach Program for Education and possesses a vast array of experience working and interacting with the different social groups in the Rock River community.

Alphonso Mcleod

elma dixon

Elma Dixon was born in Rock River Clarendon and attended Rock River primary school. After graduating from Vere Technical High School in Hayes, Clarendon, she worked for Grace Kennedy & Co Ltd for a few years before migrating to Canada in 1971.

 In Canada, she later attended York University in Toronto, where she earned her BA. She worked at the prestigious Simpsons & Co Ltd, department store as a customer service representative for approximately eleven years. There, she was quickly recognized for her great leadership and outstanding customer service relations. For the next thirty years she was a dedicated public servant for Environment Canada until her early retirement in January 2012.

Elma has always had a passion for advocacy and social development and has held various elected positions and council seats.   For several years she was acting Deputy Director and Secretary/Treasurer for the National Council of Visible Minorities within the Federal Public Service of Canada.  She was also a member of the Advisory Group for Diversity and Employment Equity at Environment Canada.   Two-term elected secretary of the Vere Technical Alumni Association in Toronto, she tirelessly devoted herself to her community.  

Elma enjoys reading, cooking, sewing, welcomes a good discussion and debate on social and political issues. She currently lives in Brampton, Ontario, Canada and would love to travel the world one day

Miss D.jpg



Dezeita Taylor have been serving the Jamaica Constabulary Force for over thirty two years. She is currently at the rank of Senior Superintendent. She was born in Tommy King District, Rock River Clarendon to parents Manley and Catherine Taylor.

Miss D, as she is popularly known, attended "Miss Hugh's," Rock River Basic Schools, Rock River All-Age and Clarendon College. She holds a Bachelor of Science Degree in Management Studies (Human Resource Management) from Northern Caribbean University and a Certificate in Public Administration from the University of the West Indies.

In 2012 she was awarded the Medal of Honour for Meritorious service by the Government of Jamaica.

She is involved in the Kiwanis Movement and has served in several capacities. She is also a Mel Osbourne Fellow having been awarded the Mel Osbourne Medal by the Kiwanis Club of Black River, St. Elizabeth in the year 2000.