By bringing a combination of experiences, skillsets, knowledge and ideas, the Foundation aims to become a catalyst for change in the Rock River Community and its environs. Our fervent hope is that you will join us, become part of our team of Rock River Ambassadors and help to spread our message.




The Mission of the Foundation is to organize and drive short and long term improvements of the Rock River Community with a focus on the Rock River Age School. We will try to make the Rock River All-Age School one of the top schools in Jamaica.

In time, we will pass on our combined learning, expertise and experiences so that schools in Clarendon and other Parishes will also benefit and the education being delivered to their pupils will improve. In turn, we anticipate that this will lead to local communities being enriched.

There are many ambitious projects planned which include our now completed Learning Centre with a Library and a Computer Room that will be made available to everyone within the community.

There are also other immediate concerns. We are now funding initiatives to help many students who are motivated and full of potential but are in dire need of financial support in order to attend school, the Foundation is prioritizing assistance to them in the form of a breakfast program, extra classes and GSAT specific lessons.

Other projects are being added as we complete each phase and we continue to implore all to help in any way they can.





By now, hopefully you are saying, “how can I help?" Everyone can help by making donations which will help to provide books, supplies, breakfast, lunch and transportation.

Your tax exempt donation can be made by simply clicking on the donate button on this website and donating by debit or credit card or writing a cheque to the Rock River Foundation Inc. and mailing it to one of the addresses below;


(in the US) Paul McLeod -
7347 Tidewater Trace,
Stone Mountain Georgia 30087 or


Devon Louden -
4728 Marathon Lane,
Raleigh, N.C 27616